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Used for acoustic, vibration insulation of vehicles; in ventilation systems of trading spaces, production facilities, public spaces, communication lines.RIZOLIN Sound Insulation is a selfadhesive bitumenpolymeric material with an additional sound insulation made of foamed polyethylene. The material is waterproof, resistant to vibrations and mechanical influences, bioresistant.To apply Rizolin Sound Insulation it is enough to take off a release film, press the material to a dry and degreased surface and roll it down with a roller. Track beds are laid in seams, with the bitumen and polymeric side to the base. ATTENTION Selfadhesive material properties retain at an air temperature above +10°С. If faulty adhesion has occurred the material can be heated from adhesive side till appearance of high luster.

Films and sheets, plastic
  • Rizolin Sound
  • Polymeric Material
  • Foamed Polyethylene

Product features

Thickness, mm 2. ± 0,15
Breaking force under tension in longitudinal/transverse directions, not less 800/900
from steel surface 1,5
from concrete surface 1,0
from wooden surface 0,5
Thermal resistance within 2 hours in the upright position,°С, not less +70 ÷ +80
Radius of curvature temperature (25±2) mm, °С, not above -25
Water absorption, % 1
Self-adhesive properties of the material, °С, not less +15
Operating temperature, °С -50 ÷ +50
Dynamic modulus of elasticity under 2 kPa, MPa not above 0,5
Level recession index of impact sound ∆ḺP dB, not less 20
Thermal conductivity, not above, W/m deg 0,037
Waterproofing under a pressure not less than 0,01 kgf/ cm2 within not less than 72 hours/td> absolute
Waterproofing under a pressure not less than 0,5 MPa within 10 min. water-resisting
Reinforcing base fiberglass cloth
Upper layer Foamed polyethylene
Lower layer Release film
Roll weight, kg 20
Length/width, m 10x1
Manufacturers’ packaging Orange polyethylene with corporate logo

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