Rizoline Floor-u



Rizolin FLOORU application gives an opportunity to effectively localize undesirable noises and vibrations, as well as solving the problem of waterproofing and heat insulation of indoor spaces. The material is used for application of acoustical blanket and waterproofing in “floating floor” construction; — as a multipurpose adhesive base under laminate, parquet, batten and paving tile in accommodation units; have awaterproofing and acoustic insulation for screed coat in accommodation units; — as an adhesive base sheet under the floor tile in trading, production, public spaces hotels, health care facilities, sports centers; in floor constructions for decreasing the level of impact noise and other kinds of noise; for structural units protection and protection of buildings against vibrations, as well as for waterproofing of premises.Rizolin FLOORU is made of bitumenpolymeric compound based on durable reinforcing fiberglass cloth.

Films and sheets, plastic
  • Acoustical Blanket
  • Fiberglass
  • Bioresistant Rizoline

Product features

Roll length/width, m. 10/1 ± 0,4
Binder layer thickness, mm. 2 ± 0,2
Acoustic insulator thickness, mm. 3,5,10,
Gross thickness of cloth 5/7/12 ± 0,2
Level recession index of impact sound ḺP dB, with acoustic insulator thickness 2 mm, not less 28
Breaking force under tension in longitudinal/transverse directions, not less 700/600
Dynamic modulus of elasticity under load 2 kPa, MPa, not above 0,5
Radius of curvature temperature (25±2) mm, °С, not above -15
Water absorption within 24 hours, less than % 1
Self-adhesive properties of the material,°С, not less +15
Operating temperature, °С -50 ÷ +50
Waterproofing under a pressure not less than 0,01 kgf/ cm2 within not less than 72 hours water-resisting
Reinforcing base Fiberglass cloth
Upper layer Release film
Lower layer Foamed propylene
Roll weight, kg 23,25,30
Manufacturers’ packaging polyethylene with corporate logo

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