The perfect robotic bell sprayer for manufacturers of small to average plastic & metal parts and for wood industry manufacturers Description Easy integration High transfer efficiency High finishing quality Performance Variation of pattern thanks to Hi-TE Technology for more spray control Thin atomization of paint droplets Sharp control of applied thickness Productivity Optimised design for assembly/disassembly Significant paint savings (from 20 to 50% more savings than conventional gun) Easy access to valve, fittings Sustainability Magnetic bellcup fastening system Optimised design for assembly/disassembly The NANOBELL2 robotic sprayer is compact, lightweight (5 kg) and sturdy, meeting the expectations of manufacturers of small and average plastic parts, of the wood industry and of manufacturers of metal parts. Two versions available Hollow wrist Non hollow wrist

Product features

Weight 5 (11) kg (lbs)
Viscosity Scale (min-max) 20 - 50 seconds FORD Cup#4
Maximum Material Pressure 10 bar
Minimum Paint Flow 30 cc/min
Maximum Paint Flow 750 cc/min
Maximum Total Air Consumption 1435 NL/min
Rotation Speed 5000 - 45000 rpm
Voltage Max 70 kV
Current Max 100-500 µA

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