AUTO Mach-Jet-R/RD is a robotic electrostatic with single (R) or dual head gun (RD) for the coating of all kind of surfaces. It provides access to a performing range of solutions for all companies. It allows automation of the paint process enabling industrial companies to get benefits from robotics with higher transfer efficiency and a Class-A finishing. Productivity increase Excellent finishing quality Adaptation to industrial constraints Performance Master finishing quality of your products through precise and controlled trajectory. Maximize your productivity gains combining robotics and coating application with electrostatic powder bell. Productivity Robot for flexible movement & the overall process controller for optimal global efficiency Flexible management of any different parts / colors / size series Sustainability Responds to the evolution of production capacity & application constraints

Product features

Maximum Paint Flow 240 - 480 (8.12 - 16.23) cc/min
Weight 2800 (99) g
Air Consumption 6-12 (3.54 - 7.1) m3/h
Voltage Max 95 kV
Current Max 110 µA

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