Robotic rotary bell atomizer with external charge electrodes for water-based materials Description PPH 707 EXT external charge sprayer is designed for the application of waterbased materials. The performances of the atomitzer and components are the same as the PPH 707 SB (dedicated to solvent paints); it is the benchmark in the area of automotive finishing with external charge thanks to its Hi-TE technology. High finishing quality High transfer efficiency Easy to integrate Performance High rotating speed High voltage unit Hi-TE dual shaping air Dual circuit for fast color change Productivity Extremely low contamination by Dual Pin technology Large range of bell cups Lightweight for any painting robot Remote bell monitoring device Sustainability High reliability for Automotive paintshop Long life High Voltage Unit 2.5 million cycle valve life Titanium bellcup for longer life 7 year/30,000 hr turbine warranty *whichever is sooner

Product features

Weight 7 kg (lbs)
Viscosity Scale (min-max) 20 - 40 seconds FORD Cup#4
Standard Material Supply Pressure 6 - 8 bar
Maximum Material Pressure 10 bar
Minimum Paint Flow 30 cc/min
Standard Paint Flow 400 cc/min
Maximum Paint Flow 700 cc/min
Paint Resistivity (min-max) <3
Transfer Ratio 80 %
Maximum Total Air Consumption 126 NL/min
Rotation Speed 15 - 70000 rpm
Voltage Max 85 kV
Current Max 500 µA

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