Roboticase which is a combination of latest technology, quality, high speed, usability, flexibility and the experience we have obtain through many years in machinery sector is an ideal end of line case packing solution. This unit can be placed at the end of production lines which require even more than one type of box formation with different allocations in the box. For many manufacturers, a short format change over time, simple configuration and re-configuration features makes Roboticase a rather economical and powerful solution. Pack input speed*90 - 100 Packs/minute Number of Maximum Cycles*20 – 30 Cycles/minute. Machine DimensionsWidth= 3500 mm Length = 4500 mm Height= 2500 mm Width (w)= 150 / 350 mm Length (l)= 200 / 450 mm Height (h)= 120 / 450 mm Case Magazine80 - 150 Cases(May change according to the thickness of cardboard) Box Speed8 - 10 boxes/minute. * Maximum product feeding capacity depends on the layout of product in the box and quantity .

Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment
  • Multi-axis robot
  • packing cases
  • cartoners for packing
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