In heavy duty applications, leak free performance and high service life cannot be assured by a single sealing element; therefore, specially developed ”system seals” are arranged in series, building a ”tandem configuration”. Each sealing element in a system has its specific function and their interaction needs to be secured to get a redundant sealing system. The primary seal in Zurcon® material has an excellent wear and extrusion resistance under extreme working conditions. It allows a fine lubrication film passing this first barrier, ensuring the necessary lubrication of the secondary sealing element for long service life. The ”tandem arrangement” requires an outstanding back-pumping ability of the primary seal and the secondary seal, if a double acting scraper is installed.


Product features

Size range 40 mm to 140 mm
Temperature -35 °C to 110 °C
Speed (max) 1 m/s
pressure (max) 40 MPa

Additional product literature

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