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Flange connector with loose insert pipe for optimum grip and durability. Our flange connectors are optimal for higher dimensions. They have an additional seal and a loose insert pipe. With our flange connectors for the application in water systems you are always on the safe side. The connector consists of various components, which can be assembled quick and simple without any special tool. The fixed insert pipe ensures an optimal form of the PE Pipe and stabilizes the pipe inwards, so the insert pipe holds up internal pressure. The additional seals ensure total security. The model is available in different versions. Pipe diameter: 63mm - 110mm Thread sizes: 2" - 4"

Product information

brass or CUPHIN
for PE pipes diameter 63 - 110mm
Drinking water
cold and hot water up to 95°C
Kind of pipes
PE80, PE100, PE-Xa, PE-Xc, PE-RC, PE-RT, PP