Rolling door wardrobes - Two-door rolling door wardrobe of Express series with mirror, meant for bedrooms

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Dimensions: - Height 2200 mm/2400 mm - Width 1200 mm/1400 mm/1600 mm - Depth 450 mm/600 mm Foreside Laminated chipboard 7 colour options The body is made from laminated chipboard with thickness of 16 mm This is the optimum thickness of the chipboard. The wardrobe is sturdy and reliable. Its rollers and runners do not wear out due to excessive loads. We use laminated chipboard manufactured by Kronospan (certified according to Е1, Е0.5, CARB2) Shock-resistant edging made of PVC protects edges from shears and other types of damage. Aluminium profiles provide smooth movement of doors and extend service life of the wardrobe. Back wall material Made of the HDF board, which will not bend over time. Separate base allows to install the wardrobe directly against the wall. Laminated glass and mirrors do not shatter even after strong impact due to splinter-proof film.

Product information

Laminated chipboard with thickness of 16 mm.
Material of profiles
Material of edges
Type of runners
FSC, E1, E0,5 . CARB2