Rolling oil

Synterol M


Series of Synterol rolling oils are various combinations of low viscosity deep refined oil fraction and aromatic hydrocarbons. Used on cold rolling mills as a base oil for aluminum foil and strip rolling. As a rule, they are used in mixtures with appropriate additives, for example, with range of Synterol series additives that allow to select the optimal composition of the rolling oil to achieve the required operational properties and quality of rolled surface.

Greases, industrial
  • Lubricants, industrial
  • Chemicals - import-export
  • industrial chemical products

Product features

Appearance colorless transparent liquid
Density at 20C, kg/m3 820
Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C, mm2/s 1,6
Flash point in a closed cup, °С 82
Pour point °C -30
Initial boiling point, °C 206
Final boiling point, °C 243
Mass fraction of aromatic hydrocarbons, % 0,001
Package IBC, 750 kg, In bulk

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