Roof windows



PVC roof windows are made of white plastic profiles with their 112-mm frame depth and 115-mm casement (leaf) depth. These profiles are reinforced with solid, galvanized steel profiles both in the casement (leaf) and in the frame. The pivot system with increased rotation of the shaft which guarantees the ease of use. Humidity-and-temperature-changes resistant\ Mounting frames for flat and corrugated roofing Sheet metal parts RAL 8019 (brown) or RAL 7043 (grey).

Skylights and dormer windows
  • PVC Window
  • Roof window
  • Skylight window

Product features

Depth of frame (casement/sash) 112mm (115mm)
design available Premium | Eco
Sealing mechanism 4-point
U-value for window 1,4 W/m²K

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