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Roofing material - Bitumen, Glasshydrobonder


It is a rolled fusion-bonded bitumen-polymer material for roofing and waterproofing. Scope of application: 1) Roofing of buildings and structures of various purposes: - industrial buildings; - apartment buildings; - community buildings (educational, medical and other institutions); - structures for individual use. 2) Overhaul of the roofing carpet of buildings and structures. 3) Waterproofing of foundations, bridges, pipelines including those of oil and gas complex. Benefits: •high strength, •easy to apply, •high quality bitumen binder, •excellent adhesion to most types of substrates including old roofs. Produced on the basis of polyester, fiberglass and glass-fiber mat.

Product information

Resistance to effects of heat
+80 °С
Radius of curvature R=25 mm
0 °С
Mass of 1 sq m top layer (±0,25)
4,5 kg
Mass of 1 sq m base layer (±0,25)
3,5 kg