Roof-panels Of Pultruded Profiles

Roof panels for the Sprinter Lighttrain


Roof panels for the Sprinter Lighttrain in the Netherlands. For the Sprinter Lighttrain made by Bombardier, stainless steel sliding blocks were glued into the GRP profiles (A2 bonding) for high rigidity. Vertical tear resistance of 2,772 N was required for every single adhesive bond. This requirement was far surpassed in practice. The roof panel, which has the appearance of a 3dimensional component from a single cast, consists of pultruded GRP profiles and 3D moulded parts, partly combined with stainless steel components. 3Dprinted components may also be used.

Insulating panels, asbestos-free
  • Roofpanels
  • Pultrusion
  • Traffic

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