Rope Length Transmitter

Rope Length Transmitter


Rope Length Transmitter with high precision analog or digital encoders The determination of measuring lengths in the range of one up to several meters is preferably carried out by using well priced and easy-tomount transducers on the basis of the draw wire measuring principle. In connection with measuring problems of industrial applications e.g. on - cranes, drilling machines and excavators - pressing, punching and injection moulding machines - weirs and lock gates - multilevel shelving rack systems and theatre stages - wood- and stone-working machines and also in - instrument engineering, high-tech medical devices etc. Rope length measuring systems series SL 3000 have proven for years to be very reliable, capable of measuring lengths up to 40 m with high accuracy and reliability even in extremely dusty and moist atmospheres.

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  • Rope Length Transmitter
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