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Organic rose water is used for its regenerating and antibacterial properties. At a time when a return to nature is essential, this hydrosol is making a comeback. Its benefits are multiple and will allow you to get rid of many products with questionable chemical compounds. Below is the list of the benefits of our rose hydrosol. Deeply cleanses the skin : Put some on a cotton ball and cleanse your face morning and evening. Moisturizing : Apply to your face morning and evening to keep your skin well hydrated. Fights wrinkles effectively : Rich in antioxidants, it will help to slow down the aging of the skin. Healing virtues : Its antibacterial and healing properties will be effective against canker sores and skin ulcers. Excellent after-sun care : Put rose water in a spray bottle and spray it on all parts of the body that have been exposed to the sun. Soothes immediately. Can be used as a hair mask : If you have an irritated scalp

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120 ml, 250ml

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