Rotary bell atomizer for solvent-based and water-based paint Description The PPH 308 sprayer allows the application of liquid solvent-based or water-based paint in general industry. Known as a leader in rotary bell sprayers, PPH 308 benefits from technologies developed for automotive markets. It is usually used with a reciprocating machine or in a fixed configuration. High transfer efficiency (up to 80%) Superb finish & uniformity of film build Fast and easy maintenance RANGE Depending on the type of application (solvent-based or water-based) the version of the sprayer PPH 308 differs across its high voltage areas. Different versions to match low and high resistivity, solvent- or water-based paint: PPH 308 SB for an application of SOLVENT-BASED PAINT with a resistivity ≥ 6 MΩ.CM PPH 308 SB for an application of SOLVENT-BASED PAINT with a resistivity > 0.5 MΩ.CM PPH 308 WB for an application of WATER-BASED PAINT non-flammable or hardly flammable Contact us! PERFORMANCE 85 kV,..

Product features

Maximum Material Pressure 10 bar
Maximum Paint Flow 600 cc/min
Minimum Paint Flow 30 cc/min
Maximum Air Pressure 10 bar
Weight 2500 g
Air Consumption 20-45 m3/h
Transfer Ratio 80 %
Rotation Speed 5000 - 45000 rpm
Voltage Max 100 kV
Current Max 500 µA
Viscosity Scale (min-max) 15-45 seconds FORD Cup#4

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