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Rotary Dampers

TD22 series, high durability, high torque


Partial Rotation Angle Damping torque 2.45 to 3.92 N・m The lifetime of TD22 can be ensured up to 100,000 cycles thanks to the zinc die-cast outer body. TD22 torque typically fluctuates from low to high. If necessary, we can customize and adjust the damping behavior to your requirement.

Auditorium seats
  • rotary damper
  • soft close
  • hinge

Product features

Rotation angle max. 110°
Damping torque 2.45 to 3.92 N・m
Damping direction CW / CCW
Construction size Ø16.2 mm
Operating temperature -10 to 40 °C
Lifetime 100,000 cycles
Material Outer body, Shaft: ZDC, Cap: SUS
Oil type Silicone
Country of origin Japan

Additional product literature


Rotary Damper for Folding Table

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