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Rotary Dampers

TD27/28 series, torque adjustable, ready-to-mount design


Partial Rotation Angle Damping torque 0.49 to 1.96 N・m TD27/28 is torque-adjustable damper and ready-to-mount design. And, the torque typically fluctuates from low to high. If necessary, we can customize and adjust the damping behavior to your requirement.

Home Furniture
  • rotary damper
  • hinge
  • torque adjustable

Product features

Rotation angle max. 110°
Damping torque 0.49 to 1.96 N・m
Damping direction CW / CCW
Construction size Ø22 mm
Operating temperature 0 to 40 °C
Lifetime 100,000 cycles
Material Outer body, Shaft, Cap: PBT, Adjust-ring: ZDC
Oil type Silicone
Country of origin Japan

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Rotary Damper for Folding Table

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