A rotary table is a precision work positioning device used in metalworking. It enables the operator to drill or cut work at exact intervals around a fixed (usually horizontal or vertical) axis. Some rotary tables allow the use of index plates for indexing operations, and some can also be fitted with dividing plates that enable regular work positioning at divisions for which indexing plates are not available. • Available Rotary Milling Table Plain and Horizontal & Vertical System. • Available with and without indexing Device. • Dual position tables used for indexing, circular cutting, angle setting, boring and spot facing operations • Horizontal and Vertical Rotary Table comes with 360 degree graduations. • Features dual positive action locks with extra deep coolant channel. • Table clamping surface are precision ground and cylinderical centre bore concentric. • Table Surface id accurately Ground and base of the body to ensure smooth Rotation. Gear Ratio 90 : 1S

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