Rotary Shear Mill MKR-300

Non-cryogenic rubber grinding


The MKR-300 rotary-shear mill is designed for the processing of rubber waste and is an effective solution in the production of rubber products. The mechanics of the mill operation consists in the acceleration of particles along the rotor guides and the impact of particle flows on the stator and among themselves. The swirls of particle flows create regions where abrasion and plastic deformation of the particles occurs. This method of producing rubber powder is technically the most advanced in comparison with other methods. In the process of processing rubber products, a rubber powder is obtained, which is characterized by the fact that it basically retains the molecular structure and elastomeric properties of the original rubber. The developed installation allows obtaining powder with particle sizes from 100 to 800 microns. At the output, active particles of rubber powder with a highly developed specific surface are obtained, which determines the unique properties of this material.

Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations
  • rubber powder
  • grinding mills
  • recycled rubber

Product features

Productivity, kg / hour 10-40 (depending on material)
Voltage, V 380 / 3 phases
Frequency, Hz 50
Maximum total switched power, kW ≤ 50
Power consumption, kW / hour 15
Operating time before the first maintenance, hours 4000
Noise level, dB 70-80
Number of connected electric motors, pcs 4
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1600х1100х1400
Weight, kg 350
Input material size, no more, mm 10
Number of operators 1

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