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Rotary Torque Sensors - M425 Rotary Torque Sensor


The latest technology Datum Electronics Series non-contact rotary Torque Sensors have been designed to fit with most applications where the measurement of accurate rotary torque and power measurements are required. The M425 Rotary Torque Sensor fits in line with the drive train or test bed, using standard key-way shafts. The Datum M425 Rotary Torque Transducer represents a quantum leap forward for anyone looking to measure torque and power with high accuracy and repeatability using up to 24 bit resolution. The M425 torque sensors give the customer control over their tests with torque sample rates selectable at any time from 1sps up to 4000sps as standard. With rpm measurement based on up to 30 pulses per revolution, the M425 is now the complete torque transducer for measuring torque and power on any rotating shaft. When paired with the Datum Universal Interface (DUI), the M425 Torque Sensor gives customers a ... ** Click for more **