In this configuration variant, products are fed to the punching area individually from the pallet feeder and rotary punched by using a flexible die. The maximum stack height of the feeder is 100 cm. The sheet alignment on the side is performed with a register table with ball rail. The position accuracy in the direction of production is realised with a positioner roller system that causes the sheets to pass the punching cylinder with high precision without stopping. Inline configuration of the die-cutting machine with machines interfaced downstream such as folding machines, mailing systems and packaging machines is the most efficient way of carrying out multiple high-performance steps in one operation. Automatic discharging of section grids and simultaneous separation of inner cuts increase production in addition. The format range of the BSR 550 Servo is from 550 x 750 mm to 210 x 210 mm. Sheets having a product thickness between 0.5 mm and 80 g/m2 can be processed.

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