Rotary encoder PP27

Absolute rotary encoder for up to 3 potentiometer levels


The potentiometer grinding track is embedded in a blue plastic housing and is picked up by precious metal grinders. The back of the housing is sealed dust-tight with a cover. The stainless steel drive shaft is mounted in bushings. Up to 3 potentiometer levels can be lined up one behind the other with a common wiper shaft. The levels can be adjusted against each other. Delivery is possible with or without mechanical stops. The PP 27 potentiometers are used as setpoint adjusters and as actual value and reference potentiometers in control and measuring circuits.

  • sensor
  • potentiometer
  • absolute encoder

Product features

Inkremental or absolute Absolute
Interface Potentiometric
Single- or Multiturn Singleturn
Design 27mm
Resistance 1kΩ, 2,2Ω, 4,7Ω
With stop/can be rotated continuously Can be rotated continuously,With stop
Levels 1 level, 2 levels, 3 levels

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