Rotary encoders with integral bearing that are conceived for separate shaft coupling are designed with a solid shaft. The recommended coupling to the measured shaft compensates radial and axial tolerances. Angle encoders for separate shaft couplings permit higher shaft speeds. ROD, ROC and ROQ rotary encoders from HEIDENHAIN have their own bearings and are sealed. They are robust and compact. These encoders are coupled by the rotor to the measured shaft through a separate coupling that compensates axial motion and misalignment between the encoder shaft and measured shaft. Industrial standard for dimensions and output signals Mounting by synchro flange or clamping flange Shaft diameter 6 mm with synchro flange , 10 mm with clamping flange

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • rotary encoder
  • integral bearing

Product features

Mounting synchro
Shaft diameter 4 mm
Housing outside diameter 36.5 mm

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