Rotary Evaporator RC 900 - Ease of use, designed to inspire you every day Superior performance system - Sleek design, minimum footprint - Whisper quiet for a pleasant working environment - Versatile use, simple operation Advantages of the rotary evaporator RC 900 - Cooling condenser is straight-forward to detach by turning the clamping nut. The cooling condenser is also extremely easy to clean. - Central remote control for all relevant parameters for distillation and for the heating bath - easy operation by touching and turning. - Memory function - simply press the memory button to save the flask's current immersion depth and rotation speed for easy and reliable process repeatability. - Tube guide inside the tower - tidy and safe, with tubes no longer an obstruction. - Umcomplicated flask exchange - falsk simply locks into place - and can be done with one hand. - Convenient, fully adjustable flask angle set via a vontrol knob. - Cordless heating bath with diode to indicate heat...

Product features

Net weight 9,1 kg
Country of origin Switzerland

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