While the conventional drives are dependent on an external controller unit, for the compact drives no additional controller is needed. The complete electrical parts, including the drive controller and encoder, are integrated on the motor board. Programming is done via standard PC using free software. The operation can be done without a PC, the created driving programs are stored in the compact drive and can be accessed via a separate input. Compact design Integrated motor controller and encoder RS485 or CANopen Interface Operating modes: positioning, speed, flag-position, clockdirection, analog, analog position, torque Position monitoring with automatic error correction up to 0,9° Step resolution max. 1/64 Integrated temperature monitoring Step frequency 0-50 kHz at clock-direction-mode and 0-25 kHz at the other modes

Bearings, roller
  • Rotary table RT2A with compact drive
  • Rotation axis
  • roller-bearing
  • Rotary table
  • Compact design
  • Integrated temperature monitoring

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