Rotary-swivel unit RT3A100

Rotary-swivel unit RT3A100
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The rotary table combination RT3A100 consists of two directly driven rotary tables of the RT3A100 series. The B-axis has a swivelling range from approx. -10° to +110°; the C-axis can be rotated infinitely. The unit is driven by two integrated 3-phase synchronous motors. The drive guarantees highest dynamics and precision. An innovative clamping unit integrated in the housing guarantees high holding forces when the drives are switched off without position changes on the axes. By means of compressed are impact, the holding torque can be increased from 15Nm to 20Nm for special applications. The complete system is supplied as ready-to-connect unit.

  • Rolling machines
  • Rotary-swivel unit RT3A100
  • assembly technology
  • machine tools

Product characteristics

B-axis swivelling range
-10° to +110°
C-axis rotary range
Maximum load capacity
Protection class without blocking air
Protection class with blocking air
Bearing temperature
-20°C to +60°C
Operating temperature
0°C to +40°C

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79843 Löffingen-Unadingen - Germany