The KAHL Rotospray enables you to refine your end products using liquid additives: Add more ingredients to your product or refine its appearance. Our KAHL Rotospray is a micro-spraying system for the application of liquid additives to the end product. The rotation nozzle allows ultra-fine spraying of liquids on solids: 1 millilitre of liquid is diffused into 10,000,000 droplets. The special distribution of the solid matter flow ensures spraying of the product from all sides. Applications and Advantages Low space requirement Automatic adjustment of the liquid flow to the solid matter flow Undiluted spraying No remainders of liquids No spoilage Insensitive to dust No danger of clogging Unpressurized liquid supply Thrifty coating Design Our Rotospray is connected downstream of the cellular wheel weigher and the product and liquid pre-bins. The liquid flow is automatically adjusted to the solids flow. The product distribution cone permits an even distribution of the substances on...

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