Round Belt

ERO Joint®


ADVANTAGES Advantages are a fast and easy installation and assembly. With this new solution of mechanical joint system, you will save time and optimize your production downtime by reducing the repair time. The mechanical assembly of ERO Joint® round belts is substantially better compared to another mechanical joint system. There is no other mechanical joint system in round belts with traction cord. Mechanical fastening systems ERO Joint® are lasting solutions. The ERO Joint® round belts are spliced in our production using a patented process and fitted with the length requested. Anyway using ERO Joint® round belts ensure you a complete freedom and a high-flexibility: no specific tool, no splicing and welding procedure to respect, no deburring, no risk to miss the welding. ERO Joint® round belts are easy to assemble. Alternatives Hollow round belt with fastening system Hollow round belt with connector are only used for very low mechanical resistance. Junction made on site (with tool) Belts may be spliced and welded on site by using a specific tool according to the splicing and welding procedure. With mechanical fastening system ERO Joint® you will reduce considerably costs, particularly for belts with high dimension and belts with tensile reinforcement. Thanks to this new lacing technology, production costs are significantly reduce and the downtime too.

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