Rubber Adjustable Feet

Rubber Adjustable Feet, Rubber Threaded Feet
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As a popular choice of Adjustable Foot, these feature a commercial Rubber or TPR base which is excellent for spreading weight as well as dampening shock and vibrations. Due to the properties found in the rubber, these work well with all kinds of machinery and moving parts, working to majorly reduce vibrations when placed on hard floors. Coming in Tapered & Straight fixed versions, these Rubber Threaded Feet are available in a range of thread sizes and base diameters on our website. Each variant is also available for free sampling where required.

  • Components and parts for large household appliances
  • rubber adjustable feet
  • rubber threaded feet
  • rubber adjustable feet for furniture

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Styles Available:
Tapered Base

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ME15 9XU Maidstone - United Kingdom