Rubber Grommets


Grommets are mostly placed in metal panels to protect wires or cables against damage due to sharp edges on the metal. Simply push the flexible grommet into place and suddenly an uneven hole is turned into a smooth insulated hole. On top, the grommet damps vibrations. We also produce blanking grommets. They do not have a hole in the middle. These are used to fill holes to prevent dust or liquids from getting in. We have a wide range of standard grommets, but we specialize in custom made products. Based on the technical requirements and the customer’s drawing. High quality rubber doneWide range of polymers doneStandard range or tailor made More information EPDM grommets are excellent UV and ozone resitant and can be used outdoors. NR/SBR grommets have good abrasion and compression set resistance but are less suitable for outdoor use. NBR grommets resist oil and grease. For high temperature grommets even up to 250°C or even higher we recommend VMQ (silicone) grommets.

Rubber products
  • Grommets Rubber
  • Rubber Damps
  • Ozone Rubber

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