Rubber Soles Bicomponent Adhesive

Rubber Soles Bicomponent Adhesive Footwear Adhesives


Rubber Soles Bicomponent Adhesive The NEOPRENE ATT is a plychloroprene bicomponent adhesive with high crystallization used for RUBBER SOLES for application of NATURAL RUBBERS.High bond strenght. It is also used for general processing of the shoe. It must be used with a 5% of ACTIVATOR. CHARACTERISTICS : Viscosity : 2800 +/- 100 cPs Opened Time : 15 - 30 Minutes USING INSTRUCTIONS : Apply an homogeneous coat upon the two parts has to be stickked, let them dry for at least 10 - 15 minutes and join the two parts with hands, hammer or with a press. To dilute the PRODUCT, use SOLVENT P or SOLVENT M. After the mix between the glue and the activator , the glue has a life of 2 hours more or less. The products has to be conserved in the original tins well closed and in a cool and dry place. N.B.: All the indications over reported are without obligation and warranty. PACKAGINGS : Kg 800 - Kg 200 - Kg 40 - Kg 15 - Kg 9 Kg 4 - Kg 1

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