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Rubber inspection caps in Natural Rubber (NR)


Rubber caps made for inspection gaps in any type of industrial machine. These Arubis inspection caps in natural rubber (NR) are FDA approved and can be used in food grade applications. FDA Approved For an optimal insulation Any type of diameter can be made Suitable for Any type of industrial machines where an inspection needs to be sealed. Standard characteristics Arubis Ref Outer Diameter (cm) Inner Diameter (cm) Material Colour AD100NBRB45 122 101 Natural Rubber Black AD100SICW50 122 101 Silicone White AD150NBRB45 176 151 Natural Rubber Black AD150SICW50 176 151 Silicone White AD200NBRB45 228 201 Natural Rubber Black AD200SICW50 228 201 Silicone White AD250NBRB45 280 251 Natural Rubber Black AD250SICW50 280 251 Silicone White AD300NBRB45 328 301 Natural Rubber Black AD300SICW50 328 301 Silicone White Specifications For full product specifications on this and other products, please take a look at our product catalog. Available qualities Natural Rubber (NR) Silicone Rubber (VMQ)

  • Natural Rubber (NR)
  • Silicone Rubber (VMQ)

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