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Rubber valve sealing balls - Floating balls with a hollow core.


These rubber sealing balls have a metal core and can be used to provide a tight seal when floating up into the valve closing mechanism. These floating balls are not to be confused with shading balls. Variety of compounds to fit your needs Custom sizes on demand High quality and long lifetime Plastic floating balls (Industrial polypropylene) Floating rubber balls are commonly used in chemical processing, mining and metal treatment applications. They have a metal core and provide a tight seal in any industry using water tubing valves. From prototype to big volumes Arubis will assist you in choosing the right compound and size for your specific application. From prototype to final large volume shipments. Standard characteristics Arubis Ref Ball dimensions Core dimensions Quality ACF50/38 50 mm 38 mm NR ACF63/50 63 mm 50 mm NR ACF73.5/60 73.50 mm 60 mm NR ACF99/76 99 mm 76 mm NR ACF121/90 121 mm 90 mm NR ACF151/126 151 mm 126 mm NR ACF183/152 183 mm 152 mm NR