Driesen+Kern GmbH series of datalogger for humidity and temperature HumiLog "rugged plus" are rugged and versatile loggers for a large varity of applications. There are many different model available: with integrated sensors as well as 2 additional sensor slots for external sensors, high temperature models as well as with additional integarted sensor i.e. barometric pressure and light. We offer a large variety of probes which can be connected to the datalogger for humidity and temperature. These are external humidity temperature probes, water detectors, bedewing sensors, soil moisture probes, precise temperature sensors and thermocouples. Furthermore, analogue signals can be logged as well: 0-1V/5V/10V/4-20mA , resistance, impulses, PT100/PT1000/thermistors. The loggers are IP65 protected and may be used even in harsh environments. All loggers may be used in a temperature range of -40 to +90°C- some of them even up to 150°C!. They have a memory capacity for 4 million readings,...

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