Russian Chaga Tea is a traditional beverage of the peoples of Northern Russia and Siberia. Russian Chaga Tea, created with the use of low-temperature processing technologies and the critical sampling of raw materials, guarantees the highest quality of the product, preserving not only all the healing properties of the fungus, but also its rich unique woody taste and smell. The scientific content of our production process makes it possible to preserve all biological active components of Russian Chaga. Therefore, we recommend you prepare Russian Chaga Tea at a temperature not over 70°C. It is recommended to use Russian Chaga Tea for a period of one year: •10 packages of the product •2 teaspoons in a glass twice a day This course is intended to make you stronger and cheerful. It protects against environmental effects, beneficially affects your body’s functionality, and reduces the likelihood of cancer.

Foods, health
  • coffee and tea
  • Herb teas
  • Plants and herbs, medicinal
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