Rutile electrodes are designed for manual arc welding of carbon steel structures (including those with galvanized coating), except for vertical-downward welding. High-quality electrodes ensure stable welding with all welding machines. Reduced spatter, easy striking, good slag removal and minimal emissions allow using electrodes in all industries. Certificates for MP-3 electrodes of improved quality (green): •NAKS Certificate; •Certificate of the Russian River Register; •Certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Mechanical properties: •ultimate strength – not less than 490 MPa; •impact strength (KCU + 20) – not less than 140 J/cm2.

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Product features

Chemical composition of the deposited metal %
C, not more than 0.10
Mn 0.45 - 0.80
Si 0.07 - 0.25
S, not more than 0.035
P, not more than 0.035

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