Rye flour

Rye flour


Pledge of health, a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, rye flour has been the basis of the diet in Russia at all times. Rye bread was the main thing not only on the tables, but also in proverbs and sayings. And only in the second half of the last century, the thoughtless order of the management to replace the crops of rye with wheat gradually led to the fact that there was less dark bread on the tables. The raw material for production is rye, a much more frost-resistant cereal crop than wheat. It is not surprising that prior to the start of active breeding and breeding of winter-hardy varieties of bread, it was rye flour that was the main one on the territory of most of the Russian Empire. And she also provided hearty, wholesome food for the population.

Flour and semolina
  • ржаная
  • одирная
  • цельносмолотая

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