MIX The innovative S 9000 combined system The new S 9000 system from GEALAN – being a combined system and featuring a construction depth of 82,5 mm – combines the characteristics and benefits of central and stop seals in equal measure. The large construction depth, six profile chambers in the window frame and profile and three integrated sealing levels guarantee excellent thermal insulation. Windows therefore satisfy even the most stringent requirements. Optimised thermal insulation We didn't develop a system with the best thermal insulation properties simply by accident; rather, it is the result of targeted development work. And our success is proof of this. Numerous calculations have generated excellent thermal insulation values. From the beginning, our development objective was to achieve a thermal insulation value of Uf - 0.92 W/m²K in the standard combination with steel and thus make our system suitable for passive houses. The basis of the success is all of the innovative...

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