S7++ Ethernet Adaptor - IBH Softec S7 PLC Ethernet Programming Adaptor



If a Siemens PLC has to be connected with a PC via Ethernet, the normal way is to take a CP / Communication processor. IBHsoftec has a more flexible solution: IBH Link S7++. It is a cost efficient Ethernet-PROFIBUS-Gateway for programming, drive configuration, for communication between PC and Siemens PLCs, inter-PLC communication and FDT applications. It is possible to connect the IBH Link S7++ with a hub or switch or via a Crossover cable direct with your PC network card. The used protocol is standard TCP/IP, so you can control your system using VPN or a router. IBH Link S7++ features: - PROFIBUS nodes diagnostic via web browser - Configuration via web browser - Configuration via NetPro - Windows 8 64 Bit support - Windows 10 64 Bit support - STEP7 64 Bit support - Time synchronisation - PROFIBUS diagnostic - Slave diagnostic - Integration within the TIA portal - S7 routing via RFC1006 - Fetch/Write via RFC1006 - PLC - PLC communication