Front loading corrosion test cabinet SAL 400-FL incl. bench cabinet for carrying out Salt Spray tests according to DIN EN ISO 9227 (NSS, ESS, CASS) and ASTM B 117-73. DIN EN ISO 6270-2 (CH) manually operation also possible. Technical specification: Capacity: 400 L Dimensions test chamber (WxDxH): 800x600x920 mm External dimensions casing (WxDxH): 1210x752x1930 mm Power supply: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1800 W Materials used: Stainless steel coated with Halar® (ECTFE). Sidewalls made of ultra high molecular polyethylene with provisions to support steel rods for holding specimens Lockable front door with safety glass Specimen support made of 6 stainless steel tubes coated with plastic Operating temperature from 5°C up to max. + 60°C (with over heating protection) JUMO Microprocessor controller for accuarate temperature regulation of the test chamber and the humidifier Temperature stability: ±0,2°C Accurate and adjustable two-fluid spray nozzle made of polycarbonate

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