SALSA spice insert Reorganize your spice life!

Salsa Hobby beech


To supplement our various cutlery insert series we offer you SALSA presenting various options for the well-organized storage of spice jars. The SALSA EXZELLENT spice insert series enables you to organize a large number of spices to suit individual needs. From a carcase width of 800 mm this accessory is also offered for the proven cutlery insert series EXZELLENT. SALSA ergoTOP spice jar inserts are a practical addition to the ergoTOP cutlery insert series allowing the additional storage of spice jars in a drawer. The dimensions are compatible with all currently available spice jars. Thus they are suitable for both small and large jars (set of 12) and thanks to their diagonal arrangement offer a quick overview and easy access. The tried and tested diagonal arrangement of the SALSA Hobby series provides the ambitious amateur chef with a quick overview of all available spices. With the spice jar insert SALSA-Professional AGOFORM offers a solution for all drawer widths. Based on the well known SALSA-Professional design, the SALSA-Piccolo is an ideal product for those just starting out. With the SALSA-Piccolo 450/27.5 you can organize your world of spices in the smallest of drawers. The SALSA spice jar insert can be cut to size to fit all drawer systems and widths. Available in the dimensions 200 - 1300 mm x 450 - 550 mm. The diagonal arrangement allows a good overview of all available spices.

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