Satin Ribbon and Grosgrain


Satin Ribbon is a special fabric that can be used in any area. Their texture is soft, voluminous and shiny. It is durable and made of fabric that does not wear out easily. Cleaning is easy. It has a stylish and unique appearance..Usually, satin ribbons are preferred for decorating engagements and weddings,hairpins,packages. In this way, stylish looking gifts can be prepared ready for presentation. Satin ribbons can be preferred not only to decorate, but also to embroider on dresses or different fabrics. We offer 224 different color options to our customers as stocked. * Satin ribbons are produced between 3.5mm and 6c Decimation • 3.5mm spool 1000 mt • 6mm spool 500 mt • 10mm 300 mt • 15/20/25/30mm roll 100 mt • 35/40/45/50mm roll 100 mt * 60mm roll 100 mt it is being prepared as.

  • Ribbons and ropes
  • satin ribbons
  • Satin clothes hangers for lingerie
  • satin

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34173 Merter/istanbul - Turkey


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