SCD: Streaming Current Detectors


Why streaming current? The charge potential of particle surfaces of the solids in a disperse system plays an important part in water treatment procedure. Due to the unidirected charge of these particles, an approach is prevented. The particles are stabilized in its solution. A separation of these particles will be easier, if the surface charge can be reduced and the particles can form bigger flakes and bigger units. In order to control this process, it is important to measure the surface potential of the solids. What is streaming current? If you fix two electrodes in a pipe-line carrying a suspension, one in the centre and the other one near the pipe-line wall, you can measure a current. This is caused by the separation of the counter ions from the solids. The counter ions will be carried with the turbulent flow, and the solids tend to stick to the pipe-line wall by adsorption and by 'van-der-Waals' forces. The measured current is named current caused by flow or Streaming-Current.

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