Our company is engaged in the organization of linear and tramp shipping, so it will be able to deliver any cargo in the required time frame and at the lowest costs for the client. We organize international sea container transportation from China and SEA countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore), Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Great Britain, Poland, Spain, Portugal), as well as North and South America (USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil). We provide a full range of services for the carriage of goods by sea, including storage and warehousing of goods in the countries of departure, transshipment and arrival, consolidation, insurance, intra-port forwarding, customs clearance, and other additional services. We will undertake the organization of transportation and perform all the delivery of goods to Moscow and further to any regions of the Russian Federation. We provide professional consulting services on foreign economic activity.

International freight
  • Sea & River Transport
  • sea shipment
  • sea container transportation

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