Seals for windows and doors


Seal for plastic, aluminum and wooden structures Factory "Standart Prof"® produce seals for plastic, aluminum and wooden windows and doors profiles. The seals is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with excellent elasticity at subzero temperatures and low compression set at temperature higher 70С. High UV and ozone resistant. Wide range of colors according with RAL. Application area: for sealing various types of window and door blocks, assembly joints of double-glazed windows and other translucent structures. Specification: super elastic low temperature resistant profile based on styrene-ethylene-butylene rubber with increased resistance to ultraviolet and ozone. Does not contain harmful substances, has no smell, does not stain the profile. Complies with GOST 30778-2001. Transportation and storage conditions: profiles should be stored in a packe Packaging: the seal is covered with a silicone oil, winded up on a cardboard coil, put into a plastic bag then set into a cardboard box.

Insulating seals
  • Joints for wooden doors and windows
  • Rubber silicone seals
  • Compactors, construction industry

Product features

Product composition Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
UV rays resistance Up to 50 years
Color scale RAL
Operating Temperature Running meter
Operating Pressure -50+70°C (-58+158°F)
Application mode into plastic, aluminum or wooden window or door profile
Transportation Pallets of cardboard boxes
recycling Allowed

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