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Baskets for segregation can be ordered with the function of combining, they allow you to arrange them in the most convenient and optimal way. Waste sticker. Perfect for waste segregation - a distinctive color and lettering will facilitate the segregation of waste by everyone. Internal insert made of plastic or steel. It allows you to dispose of garbage in a hygienic way without disturbing the housing of the bin. A bag holder as standard. They allow you to keep the garbage bag without it slipping to the bottom of the bin during use. Thanks to the rubber base, the basket adheres to the surface on which it is placed. This reduces to a minimum the shifting of the basket and possible damage to the surface. Our selected products, such as baskets, buckets used for their intended purpose, do not contribute to increasing the fire risk in the facilities. Powder coated covers. This allows you to recognize the correct waste sorting bin from a distance.

Dustbins, waste bins
  • solid urban waste bins
  • bin manufacturer
  • segregation bin

Product features

12 L
47 cm/Height
26,5 cm/Diameter
8,00-10,50 kg

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