SF Walk-In Corrosion Exposure Cabinet



Testing of assembled components provides an advantage for evaluating the combination of potentially incompatible materials. An Atlas Walk-in allows testing of oversized samples and assembled components, such as motorcycles, electrical panels for outdoor use, household appliances, vehicle seats, pressurized cyclinders, bicycles, military items, ranch and farm machinery, snowmobiles, window/door assemblies and much more. Installing MH (metal halide) or MHG (metal halide global) luminaries in Atlas Walk-in chambers increases the testing capabilities for any lab. NOW, entire assemblies and oversize samples can be tested for UV resistance, corrosion and other environmental conditions in the same unit. PlexiglasTM viewing window in door Inside safety latch for door Interior liner with sheet PVC for uniform thickness Raised interior floor to accommodate drainage Floor covered with rubber sheet or plastic mat PlexiglasTM access port Interior light with switch on exterior wall Ambient to 120 °F (49 °C) exposure tone temperature Interior shell of mild steel, primed on both sides Testing Volume: 7,136 Litres - 11,893 Litres (depending on size of chamber) Exposure Zone Dimensions: L x W x H : SF7000 - 6' x 6' x 7' (1.83m x 1.83m x 2.13m) ; SF9500 - 8' x 6' x 7' (2.44m x 1.83m x 2.13m) ; SF12000 - 10' x 6' x 7' (3.05m x 1.83m x 2.13m) External Dimensions: L x W x H: SF7000 - 7' x 7' x 9' (2.13m x 2.13m x 2.74m) ; SF9500 - 9' x 7' x 9' (2.74m x 2.13m x 2.74m) ; SF12000 - 11' x 7' x 9' (3.35m x 2.13m x 2.74m) Sloped ceiling prevents dripping of condensation onto samples Microprocessor-based cycling controls for basic cycling testing Fog stripper, manual operation Timer for bubble tower Precision air regulator Solution spray with multiple nozzles UL approval External condensate collection package High voltage kit (over 460 VAC) High capacity oil & water extractor Custom sizes (extra height / any LxW / drive-in or drive-through with overhead door) and configurations (pass-through electrical/mechanical ports)

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