SFP Subsea Threaded Bar Flange Pulling System



Designed for high performance and reliability, our Subsea Pulling System provides the following benefits: Compact design Long Piston Stroke - 4" (102mm) 10,000 psi (700 bar) systems Rapid assembly using Quick Release Reaction Nuts High strength threaded bar Anti-Slip surfaces Operated via separate diver control valve providing precise control for up to 4 pullers Compact Design Designed to fit ANSI B16.5, MSS SP44, API 6A and most other flange applications dedicated flange hole adapters. Hydraulic Anchor Collet Release Anchor collet automatically grips wire rope (without hydraulic pressure). Collets can be fully released by applying hydraulic pressure. Auto Advance Collet Release Advance collet fully disengages when the pulling cylinder is fully retracted Manual Retract Collet Release Retract collet can be manually disengaged, allowing the pulling cylinder (including Advance and Retrace collets) to be removed from the wire rope while the rope is installed in the flanges. Also...

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