ASCO Sintering Co has now produced over 2,000,000 sintered components for the current GM SBW Actuator assembly. The combination of gears, trigger links, trigger arm and couplings are assembled to allow effortless automatic transmission shifting. Conventional Powder Metallurgy PM produced parts provide over a 25% cost saving when compared to traditional manufacturing processes such as turning, milling or EDM. The 1st stage Compound Gear, Output Gear, Trigger Arm and Trigger links made from Sinter Hardened Steel minimize the Defective Parts per Million Opportunity DPMO because operation steps are reduced by ½ when compared to traditional PM Material processing. Furthermore these PM Design Solutions are pressed net shape with Statistical Process Controls applied throughout the Compacting and Sintering processes to achieve 6sigma Quality levels. Geometries identified through Failure Mode Effects Analysis FMEA as high risk failure potential recei

Sintering - steels and metals
  • Compound Gear Shift by Wire
  • Sintered components SBW Actuators

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